The Debate
They Never Met God
What are the issues?

The Pledge

The Knowledge Park Project pledges to deliver and publish the most comprehensive and in depth knowledge of the most misinterpreted pieces of the theories between evolutionists and creationists and the reason for life itself. We will strive to tell the story of YOU, the story of LIFE itself and will ask the questions for an open and honest debate. We will also introduce you to the stunning revelations in A Soldier of War. What we have to offer is an open debate with respect for all views with the goal of delivering peace as its reward. The question of God is the most misunderstood and confrontational road block to world peace. We do not advocate for any belief or non belief but hope to be an instrument of peace and education of what really happened in the beginning. We will begin with the introduction to A Soldier of War and its author Tom Bosvik.
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For those who seek the reason for life itself

(The stunning revelation in A Soldier of War)
 We Begin by introducing the author Tom Bosvik, (please click the link)
Where it came From?
In 1981 it started with "The Calling of the Apostles"
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The Knowledge Park Project joins with and to present A Soldier of War.... The "A Soldier of War" series is as a result of a forty year journey and interview with the Holy Spirit....A Soldier of War is the story of God. Who he is and why he came. It tells of his personality.... What he did and when he is returning but most importantly why it all began.... A Soldier of War is book one of four telling the reasons creation happened in the first place and answers the questions of how and why you are alive today. This is not a new holy order but it should be a reference to all.
When I was first introduced to The Holy Spirit I was allowed one question. I asked, "What was God?" The answer came back in a heartbeat.
"God is everything you ever hoped for but nothing you could ever imagine." ...
Tom Bosvik 1981