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The Knowledge Park Project online presence was formed in 2012 by a small worldwide group of people who were concerned with the rise in religious fundamentalism which has lead to extreme terrorism in all main religions. Its purpose was to explore the competing and often confrontational information presenting by the different bodies of faith and different views of science and attempt to heal some of the wounds. In that attempt it came across a new revelation from a book A Soldier of War which could begin the healing promised. Its revelations were given through visions and fate to the author via the Holy Spirit. In 2013 The Knowledge Park Project opened a website geared to listing the various videos and fact finding missions of differing groups and networks around the world. In January 2015 The Knowledge Park Project has turned its focus toward finding solutions to the conflicts which tear us apart and work toward bringing all of us together. As a result The Knowledge Park Project has teamed up with to present its findings and to act as a hub for those who have joined A Soldier of War internet community.
Mission Statement

To never stop searching for the binds that tie us together rather than the reasons to keep us apart.
 Note: The "A Soldier of War" has a growing community of over 4200 members. offers a free online course for those who have felt a calling and fields questions from all comers.
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