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This new look at scripture changes everything. Corinthians. Corinthians 15:45English Standard Version (ESV)
45 Thus it is written, “The first man Adam became a living being”;[a] the last Adam became a life-giving spirit. More from The God Chronicles web site.
Q. Did not God announce to Muhammad and Mary and Joseph his will?
A. No They never met God but they did meet Arc Angel Gabriel..l Qur’an (I: 97, 98; LXVI: 4);,(Matthew 1:20)
The Knowledge Park Project has opened a members forum so all members can take part in the discussions of the relevent topics.Registration is required. And don't forget The Knowledge Park Blog for all forum moderators. In the forum we will explore why there are 34,000 different versions within the Christian church. Why are there Christians at all when the chosen people were the Hebrews. Why was the Muslim faith created and why are the eastern faiths Buddism, Hindi and Toaists and the rest are even around and what is their place. And with the help of A Soldier of War we will find out where was God and why he has never been seen.The Soldier of War is a four part series which describes the personality of God and the reason for life itself. Book two is A Soldier at Peace which tells what happened to God. Book three is A Soldier of All Creation and explains the bible and other scriptures. Book four A Soldier of Love tells how and when it all ends.
The real issues in Christianity is that there is not one Christian faith there are thirty four thousand different versions as slight as they may be there are differences in the interpretation of scripture...
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The Beginning
To begin this discovery please listen to Tom Bosviks message. It is for atheists and creationists alike and those just searching for answers. Please click to listen.
The Interview Pt.1
The Interview Pt.2
The Interview Pt.3
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This is how the Holy Spirit showed himself to Tom
CONTEST: All who enroll in a new free membership in The Knowledge Park Project Forum Board during the month of February will be eligible to win one of five autographed copies of "A Soldier of War." and or one of ten ebooks plus a personalized letter from the Author.
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